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A Trusted Attorney

For anyone in Polk County, FL in need of dedicated and professional criminal defense, or estate and probate law services, the Law Office of Joshua W. Westcott is only one phone call away. For nearly ten years, Mr. Westcott has been providing his Lakeland, FL, clients with professional law services in a wide variety of cases. He is known for his experience and customer service, always going the extra mile for his clients and bringing his wealth of knowledge to each case. Mr. Westcott is a dedicated and experienced professional practicing exclusively in the Polk County, FL area.

Knowledge and Experience

When you use the legal services of the Law Office of Joshua W. Westcott, you are getting a professional with nearly a decade of experience in criminal, estate and probate law. During his career, Mr. Westcott has litigated several types of cases and has represented a wide variety of different clients. With strong ties to the judicial system in Polk County, FL, you can rest assured that Mr. Westcott understands the local legal community and issues.

A Hometown Lawyer for Hometown Issues

At the Law Office of Joshua W. Westcott, Mr. Westcott is proud to serve Polk County, FL with his experience and commitment to the community. He treats each client as an individual and will fight hard for the best outcome for your case. When you enlist his legal services, you can be assured you are getting a true professional who won't rest until your case is resolved in a satisfactory manner. Mr. Westcott prides himself on providing experienced representation and counseling to his clients.

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