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Driving under the influence in Florida has serious repercussions, if convicted. Along with potential jail time and serious fines, you may be exposed to additional penalties including, but not limited to:

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Florida law provides for additional penalties for individuals who are found to have a BAC above a .15, in addition to significant minimum penalties that continue to increase depending on prior convictions.

There are several steps and considerations in defending a charge of driving under the influence such as suppressing evidence based on an unlawful traffic stop, or other violation of the defendant’s rights, investigating the records of any breath testing machine used to determine faults or compliance issues, and of course challenging the sufficiency of evidence at trial.

Can I keep my drivers license after a DUI?

There are also administrative penalties that may cause your license to be revoked after the arrest in the event your breath balance is a .08 or above, or if you refuse to submit to a breath test. These penalties are independent of the criminal charge and must be addressed separately with the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles. 

There is a very short window of time to address the administrative issues, and you must act quickly if you plan to challenge the administrative suspension.

An experienced DUI attorney can represent you in these matters and may be able to challenge the administrative suspension in the event that there was no probable cause for the DUI arrest, or if other procedures and rules were not followed correctly.

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