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Criminal Law | Criminal Defense Attorney | Joshua W. WestcottBeing charged with a criminal offense is often a terrifying experience and a knowledgeable criminal trial attorney can help you protect your rights especially when facing something as serious as a criminal charge.

When a person is charged with a crime, it is critical to obtain and preserve evidence for the defense, as well as thoroughly investigate the evidence to determine defenses and legal issues to be raised before the court. Although every criminal law case is unique, a criminal trial attorney will typically file formal discovery requests to require the production of evidence collected by the State so it can be reviewed, and further discovery can place.

Interviews or depositions may be held to investigate police conduct during the investigation, as well as speak to witnesses in the case. While the case is being prepared, a criminal trial attorney can also address issues such as bond, pretrial release, and other preliminary matters. 

Why hire an Attorney that specializes in Criminal Law?

Many times, issues with the evidence can be discovered and motions can be filed to exclude or limit evidence and testimony. Evidence discovered in violation of your constitutional rights may be subject to a motion to suppress evidence from trial, and other motions may be filed to prevent the State from offering evidence determined to be legally inadmissible, such as irrelevant evidence and testimony, hearsay, and other items and testimony specifically excluded by the Florida Rules of Evidence.

Why a Criminal Law Attorney’s experience is important

At trial, a skilled trial attorney will challenge the State’s witnesses and evidence through cross examination, objections, and other methods such as impeachment of the witness. It is imperative to demonstrate to the jury any lack of credibility or bias in the evidence and witnesses as the jury will ultimately be called upon to consider conflicts in the evidence, lack of evidence, or even the evidence itself which tends to show reasonable doubt about the State’s accusations.

An attorney will also make a determination with you about using the courts subpoena power to compel witnesses to testify for the defense and will be able to counsel you regarding your potential testimony at trial.

Regardless of the charge, you are entitled to the protection of your rights.

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